CreateAbility | Track Record

UI Design


This project involves designing the user interface for a new feature in the current system. The new feature serves as a record for caregivers to track the daily tasks of care-receivers using MeMinder—an app designed for individuals with memory deficits by CreateAbility.

3 weeks, 2023
My Role
User Interface Design

Design Requirement

This is current system design. The new feature is required to align with the style of the current system, ensuring a seamless integration. The interface should be simple and easily readable, specifically tailored to caregivers in the age range of 40-60 years. Furthermore, the design must be responsive, accommodating both mobile and web screens.

Selected Design Features

Main Screen of the Task Record

The webform is crafted with an Excel-style layout for effortless viewing of extensive data, while the mobile screen adopts an address book-style design—familiar to users. This ensures ease of scrolling to access information about the tasks completed by the care-receiver.

Search Filter

To simplify the search for specific records, I have designed two filter options: one for filtering by timeframe and another for filtering by task. Considering potential tech limitations among users, I prioritize streamlining the number of buttons and the overall workflow. This ensures a user-friendly experience, preventing any confusion or difficulty when using the search filters.

Add an Info icon for minimizing the design

To enhance design simplicity, I've introduced an information icon. Users can conveniently hover over the icon to understand that the displayed time corresponds to their respective time zone. As users become accustomed to the system, this information becomes intuitive, eliminating the need for continuous display.