Drop2Drop | Display Platform

Website Design


This project involves constructing a display platform and uploading over 260 items for Drop2Drop's food container business. Serving as a supplier for restaurants, bakeries, and markets, the website aims to enable customers to effortlessly browse and view the range of products offered.

3 months, 2023-2024
My Role
Website Design, Website Development by WIX, Content Writing, Picture Editing
Link of the Website

Selected Design Features

New Category to Highlight Business Advantage

In addition to common categories typical of competitive companies, I've introduced unique categories to showcase Drop2Drop's diverse service offerings across various business types. This strategic inclusion not only emphasizes their ability to fulfill a wide range of requirements but also helps mitigate any perceived disadvantage related to a limited selection in certain areas compared to other companies.

Clear Dimension Comparisons from Pictures

To enhance customers' experience, I created item pictures with real ratios and consistent angles to allow them to compare the sizes visually.

Showcase Service Benefits

This section is designed to emphasize their service and commitment. It provides customers with a better understanding of the benefits of their service.

Informative Content for Efficient Customer Service

Since they don’t have too many people working on customer service, it is important to present working process information that is related to customers clearly. This allows them to read online instead of calling to ask.