About Me

Hello, I'm Chen-Yi Cheng, a UX designer with a focus on healthcare. I'm from Taiwan and currently live in the Bay Area of ​​the United States.
My journey into UX design was inspired by my background in nursing. I vividly recall my professor's words: “we will dedicate who we care about the most”. Of course, what she mentioned is about patients. However, this philosophy stuck with me, I think I understand the difficulties nurses have the most…

Therefore, I started to work on UX designing. My experience has been centered on designing solutions for individuals with brain trauma, aiming to enhance their independence. I believe in the power of UX design to bridge the gap between nurses and patients, fostering stronger connections and building a better healthcare experience.

Join me in this journey as I continue to explore innovative solutions that contribute to the well-being of both healthcare providers and those they care for.

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